Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kaisercraft Advent Calendar with VIDEO!

I recently bought the Shadow Box Advent Calendar by Kaisercraft and made a video on how I put it together.
Here is the finished product and below I list the do's and don't I learnt from the project!
This video is a little all over the place and was filmed over a week where I had to keep starting and stopping. I realise I say the word "SO" alot...sorry! And then half way through, I knock the table and it sends my camera in a different direction...sigh. Hopefully you still enjoy it!


Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com

Some Do's and Don'ts from my mistakes:
I would recommend sticking it together with Ranger Matte Accents instead or Glossy Accents. I could not get a hold of Matte Accents so just used what I had. When the glue dries and you can see it, it will appear glossy and it will stand out more than if you used a matte finish.
Do not paint with the Olive Radiant Rain on the boxes. I thought it would come out a deep green but it came out lime! I repainted with the Distress Stain in Peeled Paint, I really recommend this. It was easy to use and had a nice even finish. The Radiant Rain was very blotchy.
Because I had to put so many layers of colour on, it meant my boxes would not seal properly, hence the wrapping of the paper. You could probably skip this step if you just paint one coat or leave it raw. Actually, you don't see the colour on the outside of the box so you could wrap the paper and leave the box raw, saving your self some time. Make sure you paint the inside and the base of the box though.
Using Matte Accents to seal the box would be easier than the Glue N Seal because the Matte Accents has a fine nozzle and it will create a lot less mess.
Do not stick the middle piece of paper to the base with wet glue. I learnt the hard way and found my lovely image had turned green from the paint. Luckily, I was able to get another piece of paper and do it again. This time I used lots of Scor Tape.
I applied Glossy Accents to a lot of the boxes to highlight the numbers. I suggest you do this BEFORE you stick the square piece to your box. If you do it once its on the box, it causes the paper to lift off of the box and you have to re stick it. This happened to the middle piece, I had originally stuck it with Scor Tape and then went over the words Celebrate with glossy accents which caused the whole square piece to lift off. That's when I decided to stick it back down with glossy accents which then turned it green!! Ugh!
The box has held up well with Glossy Accents. I have moved it around a lot and it has not fallen to pieces. I did find wood glue but it said it would take a long time to dry and you had to clamp it....far too much work for this lazy girl!
The instructions recommend filing the edges down on the wood if you paint then as they will expand. I painted 3 coats of the brown Radiant Rain on all pieces/edges. I did NOT file any pieces, I risked it! It worked out fine, the pieces went into the grooves perfectly. The Radiant Rain is thin ink, I don't know how it would be if you used a thicker paint or Spray Paint. I know of someone that built the Calendar raw and then spray painted it.

The Brown Radiant Rain did dry but the glimmer did not. It had a green tint glimmer to it and when the box got wet, your fingers or whatever touched it turned green. This is how the middle of my box got damaged from the wet Glossy Accents. I contacted Creative Imaginations and they told me I could seal it with a Spray by Krylon. I sprayed by box several times with thin layers and so far so good!

Thanks for stopping by...have a great day!

Kaisercraft - Turtle Dove Paper Collection & Stickers, Silver Rhinestones and Shadow Box
Ranger - Glossy Accents, Glue N Seal, Peeled Paint Distress Stain, Ink Blending Tool and Gathered Twigs Distress Ink
Creative Imaginations - Olive and Nutmeg Radiant Rain
Krylon - Workable Fixative
Making Memories - Falalala Collection
Martha Stewart - Scoring Board


NickelNook said...

Hi, Hannah!
Your video was fine! I'm sure it wasn't easy to do! I really love this project...it's beautiful! I appreciate all your wonderful advice on putting it together!
Thanks very much!...Nancy :o)

fairyrocks said...

LOVE this project.
The video is like watching a mini movie. What a lot of work you have gone to. Thank you for sharing this wonderful how to. I did one of the Kaiser craft hard board advents once. It took me forever to do it. And yes, many crafters could benefit if they put YOUR instructions in to the box.
Hope all is well in your world.

Jenny said...

Your projects always inspire me to get into my craft room. Been a follower for awhile so I thought I would nominate you for a Liebster Award....not sure if you have ever gotten one before. Check out my post for the details!